Video: What Does 10 Petabytes of Data Look Like?

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is deceptively simple — plug in a website and you can see copies of it over time.
What you don’t see is the massive amount of effort, data and storage necessary to capture and maintain those archives. Filmmaker Jonathan Minard’s documentary Internet Archive takes a behind the scenes look at […]

The Very First Website Returns to the Web

Robert Cailliau’s original WWW logo. Image: CERN.
Twenty years ago today CERN published a statement that made the World Wide Web freely available to everyone. To celebrate that moment in history, CERN is bringing the very first website back to life at its original URL.
If you’d like to see the very first webpage Tim Berners-Lee and […]

DDoS: qué es y cómo se ve este ataque informático

La creciente fama del grupo hacktivista Anonymous trajo consigo el uso (y mal uso) de ciertos términos informáticos en los medios de comunicación. Uno de esos términos, críptico al principio a decir verdad, es DDoS, el ataque informático por excelencia en la red en los últimos años. Aquí vamos a explicarlo parte por parte. Qué […]

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Chrome Extension Opens MS Office Docs in the Browser

Viewing MS Office docs in Chrome. Image: Screenshot/Webmonkey
Google Chrome OS users have long enjoyed the ability to open Microsoft Office documents right in the web browser. Now Google is expanding its MS Office support to include Chrome on Windows and Mac as well.
The new Office Viewer beta is an extension for Google Chrome. You’ll need […]

Nginx Server Speeds Up the Tubes With ‘SPDY’ Support

Tubes so fast they’re blurry. Image: Wetsun/Flickr.
The team behind Nginx (pronounced engine-ex) have released version 1.4, which brings a number of new features, most notably support for the SPDY protocol.
SPDY, the HTTP replacement, promises to speed up website load times by up to 40 percent. Given that Nginx is the second most popular server on […]

Experimental CSS Shaders Bring Photoshop Filters to the Web

Blend mode example in Chrome Canary. Image: Screenshot/Webmonkey.Chrome’s experimental Canary channel and Safari’s WebKit nightly builds both now support all of the Photoshop-inspired blend modes for CSS Shaders, part of Adobe’s effort to bring Photoshop-style filter tools to the web.
To see the new blend modes in action, grab a copy of the latest Chrome Canary […]

Empresas enemigas de Internet

Como sucede año con año, Reporteros sin Fronteras entregó su reporte anual de los enemigos de Internet. En dicho documento, publicado hace unas semanas, aparecen las empresas y países que limitan la libertad de los ciudadanos en la red, con énfasis especial en la vigilancia en Internet porque “representa un peligro enorme para los periodistas, […]

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First Firefox OS Developer Phones Sell Out

The Firefox OS-based Geeksphone. Image: Screenshot/Webmonkey.The first Firefox OS-powered mobile devices, manufactured by the Spanish company Geeksphone, went on sale today. Unfortunately for anyone hoping to get their hands on some hardware explicitly designed for Firefox OS, the phones have apparently already sold out.
For the average user that’s probably a good thing. Despite being a […]

Herramientas digitales de cultura libre para el salón de clases

La relación entre educación y cultura libre es inmediata. En ambos casos hablamos de sistemas de enseñanza-aprendizaje, de un conjunto de técnicas y herramientas para compartir conocimiento. Aunque por un lado tenemos conocimientos que se han venido formalizando con el paso de los siglos y, por el otro, un movimiento educativo nacido de Internet con […]

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Web’s Most Popular JavaScript Library Drops Support for Older Versions of IE

IE voodoo doll by Cheryl Brind/Flickr.The popular jQuery JavaScript library has hit a major milestone with the release of jQuery 2.0. The 2.0 release is some 12 percent smaller than its predecessor, but the big news is that jQuery 2.0 drops support for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
Created to simplify the process of writing […]