This Guy Trademarked the Symbol for Pi and Took Away Our Geeky T-Shirts

A Brooklyn artist is claiming a broad trademark in T-shirts, jackets, caps, and other apparel featuring the Greek letter, resulting in the mass, temporary removal of thousands of products from the custom t-shirt printing site Zazzle.
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enra ” pleiades ”

Matchbox Structures by Lygia Clark (1964)

Lygia Clark (Belo Horizonte, October 23, 1920 – Rio de Janeiro, April 25, 1988), was a prominent Brazilian artist who showed, through her painting, installations and sculptures, a deep interest in space, body and architecture. From her Constructivist and Neo-Concretist roots with rational geometric paintings, she followed a trajectory that brought her to experiment around abstract […]

Self-Driving Cars Will Turn Surveillance Woes Into a Mainstream Worry

How self-driving cars–and all the ethical complications they arouse–finally convinced the author’s grandmother to care about her digital freedom.
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Pinturas clássicas photoshopadas

Ao longo da história da arte, os artistas encontram a beleza como ela é no corpo das centenas de mulheres retratadas em suas obras. Mas imagine se os renascentistas e impressionistas usassem o Photoshop em suas pinturas?
Pensando nisso, a editora de fotos Lauren Wade recriou alguns clássicos da pintura usando os segredos do Photoshop como […]

O Festival #SamsungmObgraphia vai só até esse domingo!

O Festival #samsungmobgraphia lançado pela Samsung, acaba agora dia 1 de junho, este domingo! Ainda dá tempo de participar e concorrer a celulares e outros prêmios. As fotos dos selecionados  também estarão presente em uma mostra no Museu da Imagem e do Som, em São Paulo.

O termo #mObgraphia foi criado para definir a arte fotográfica e visual captada e editada por […]

Lobo – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Lobo, a modular and responsive portfolio WordPress theme.
Lobo is a beautifully designed portfolio WordPress theme intended to showcase the outstanding work of creative folks such as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, artist, architects as well as agencies.
The theme includes a custom module builder, which allows to compose and create unique website layouts. You can choose any […]

Romantic Clothing Sculpted From Carrera Marble in ‘The Identity Collection’ by Alasdair Thomson

Scottish artist Alasdair Thompson‘s current series “The Identity Collection” features breezy romantic clothing that has been sculpted from gorgeous Carrera marble. Each “garment” is modeled after donations from family and friends in an exploration of combining the ethereal nature of fabric with the cold weight of stone.
Through his current series of sculptures, Alasdair is exploring […]

Windy, A Relaxation App Featuring the Sound of Real Wind

Windy is a relaxation app by Taptanium in partnership with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton featuring the sound of real wind rather than artificial white noise or fans. The winds included were recorded at a variety of different locations to provide a number of experiences, and the backgrounds provided were painted by environmental illustrator Marie Beschorner.
Windy […]

Chicago Artist Mends Potholes with Mosaics

After one of the most brutal winters in over 30 years, Chicago’s streets are pockmarked with an estimated 600,000 gaping potholes, making some streets almost impassable and raising the ire of residents citywide. The issue is so prevalent that the city even created a dedicated Pothole Tracker that shows potholes patched by the Department of […]