Crystal Barbre (NSFW)

Seattle-based painter Crystal Barbre recent series called ‘Magnetisme Animal’ feature powerful, female figures with various animal heads in sexual poses and activities. Some of the paintings portrays lovely bodies and beautifully rendered animal aspects. Some of her other works have the feminine characters engaged in and clearly enjoying explicate sex acts.
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Brian Shumway

Utah native Brian Shumway  is a photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Shumway attended Utah University, and studied photography briefly at The Academy of Art San Francisco. Shumway’s works range from portrait, editorial, to fine art photography.
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Sarah Anne Johnson

Sarah Anne Johnson is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba who works in various mediums, focusing on themes of nature, sex, and idealism. Her current series entitled ‘Wonderlust’ imaginatively expresses all ranges of erotic to intimate emotions from frustrations to pure euphoria.
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Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci is an Israeli-American photographer whose images span the curved lens of her life, illuminating the most intimate corners with an eerie frankness. Bruised lips, blue hips – her work is bathed with both a startling fragile honesty and a hollow-eyed fatigue.
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Jordan Sullivan

Jordan Sullivan is a photographer and writer living in Los Angeles, California. His photographs and prose have appeared in publications such as Dazed Digital, Dossier Journal, Twin Magazine, VICE, ELLE, and many others. His most recent book, The Young Earth, published by Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, is a photo-illustrated novella.
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Preciosa Química

Hermosa Química: Reacciones Químicas de increíble belleza filmadas con una cámara 4K Ultra HD.
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Drew Young

Drew Young (b.1987 Victoria, BC) currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at The Victoria College or Art and received his diploma in Illustration and Applied Arts (IDEA) at Capilano University.
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Red Telefónica del Siglo XIX

Una red telefónica del siglo XIX cubrió Estocolmo de miles de líneas telefónicas. En el siglo XIX, poco después de la patente del teléfono, la carrera por conectar a todo el mundo a la red telefónica, comenzó. Sin embargo, debido a las limitaciones técnicas de las primeras líneas telefónicas, cada teléfono requería su propia línea física […]

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Fotos Macro Extremas de Insectos

El fotógrafo Yudy Saul de Banten, Indonesia, tomó estas fotos de insectos en su ciudad natal, así como en Bali y Sinkawang.La serie de fotografías próximas extremadamente muestran abejas, tábanos, libélulas, escarabajos rana y moscas de la fruta. ¡Bichos!
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Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy is a graphic artist and illustrator based in London. Her magnificent obscure and surreal oddities is hand drawn with pen and ink, occasionally adding digital color.
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