The Pleasures of Suburban Life: Las Terrenas Resort (Elia Zenghelis – Eleni Gigantes, 1989)

The 1989 competition entry for a resort in Santo Domingo, was for Elia Zenghelis (teacher, co-founder and former partner of OMA) and Eleni Gigantes the occasion for questioning the limits and the conventional relationship between city and nature.
Whereas the dense urban core usually moves outward towards the suburb, agriculture and then wild nature, Las Terrenas Resort (here’s the title of […]

Drawing Soane: a Comic by Eu Jin Lim

Young architect Eu Jin Lim chose the house John Soane built for himself in Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London as the setting of a short comic. The drawing is an experiment on the ability of the comic medium to narrate architecture in comparison to more conventional orthographic drawings.  The house, fragmented to create an atlas of multiple vignettes, […]

Order and Failure: Wittgenstein’s Haus on Kundmangasse

In November 1925, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein, sister of the Austrian philosopher, commissioned Austrian architect Paul Engelmann to design a large townhouse on Kundmangasse in Wien. She also convinced his brother to collaborate with the architect, probably in order to distract him from an incident he had while working as a primary school teacher in rural Austria […]

‘Things are Queer’ by Duane Michals (1973)

This 1973 series of nine photographs by Duane Michals (1932, -) is a short narrative piece with a twist at each step, a discovery of an unexpected level of reality at each new shot. Somehow obscure in its meaning, the work questions the perception of photographed reality and simply tricks the viewer’s mind making him […]

Imperfections, Dirt and Decay: Interiors by Antonio Lopez Garcia

Throughout his career, Spanish realist artist Antonio Lopez Garcia painted a number of interiors scenes. Most of these works show the less cared inhabitants of interior rooms: humble toilets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and old household appliances, obsessively described in their mundane details without obliterating their imperfections, dirt and decay. A complete absence of rhetorics informs the paintings, the artist providing a plain, detached look which investigate carefully […]

Nylso: ‘Cabanes’

Nylso is a French comic artist. He is mostly known for the character of  ‘Jérôme d’Alphagraph‘, (to which he dedicated five albums) and for his contribution for the fanzine “Le Simo“. What has caught our attention is his copious collection of Rotring-pen drawn detached cabins in the woods and small houses from the region of Finistère, where he spent his […]

Steven Holl’s Bridge of Houses (1979-1982)

Throughout history bridges have been a focus of legends of every civilization. Esthetes, philosophers and poets have used the bridge as a transcendent form. (Excerpt from Steven Holl website presentation of PA #7 – Author unknown)
During the first years of his career and up to the early 1980’s, architect Steven Holl engaged in the design of a number of […]

L. S. Lowry: the Project of the Working Class Environment

In 1909 English painter L. S. Lowry moved to the industrial town of Pendlebury, the environment which would later inspire him for several years. Row houses in bricks, chimneys and smoke, mills and warehouses were the recurrent subjects of Lowry’s vast canvas, constant presences out of his minimal vocabulary.
The depicted elements -fragments of the artist’s daily memories- […]