Apple’s Terms & Conditions Get Turned Into a Graphic Novel

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To most, 20,000 words on terms and conditions would be the ultimate bore. Comic artist Robert Sikoryak saw it as an opportunity.

Sikoryak has in turn taken the thousands upon thousands of words highlighted in iTunes’ terms and conditions section and transformed them into a graphic novel.

Terms and Conditions: A Graphic Novel thus stars the late Steve Jobs, reflecting the history of comics throughout the world.

“The motivation for this project was to play with the long form of the graphic novel, which has become so ubiquitous in the United States. And it struck me that the iTunes Terms and Conditions would make a very unlikely comic,” Sikoryak revealed when speaking with Business Insider.

“It’s (in)famous for being very long, which is surely why it popped in my head,” he then went on to add. “I loved the idea of using a well known text — in its entirety — that everyone has heard about, but very few people have ever actually read. That’s something that the Terms share with many classic works of literature.”

While the face of Jobs is present throughout the entire book, the style of each page varies, transitioning from Garfield to My Little Pony and beyond.

“I wanted to create a book that could suggest all of the kinds of comics that exist in the world,” said Sikoryak. “The visual sources come from many different strains of comics: there are some artists from North America, Europe, and Japan; independent and mainstream cartoonists; print and web cartoonists; animated characters that have been published in comic books; contemporary graphic novels and early 20th century newspaper comics. I wanted the project to feel like the internet— or the iTunes store— where it seems that everything is available and everything is possible.”

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