Bugatti’s Insane $2.2 Million Yacht Is Perfect for Floyd Mayweather

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When you’re a Bugatti enthusiast and — well — rich as shit, how could you further round out your collection of toys? Easy, with an insane $2.2 million USD yacht from none other than Bugatti.

The “Niniette 66” is in turn the first in a series, ranging from 50 to 80 feet in length. Decked out in titanium, carbon fiber and Bugatti’s trademark blue, the super yacht welcomes a number of the manufacturer’s familiar engineering traits, such as an accentuated center line, symmetry, and a sweeping signature curve.

While cruising along at a modest 50 miles per hour, the vessel is chock-full of luxury amenities. The deck, done up in leather and blue morta oak, is then paired with a lower deck which is referred to as the “sun pad,” then calling home to a champagne bar as well as a jacuzzi. And if you’re still feeling a bit frigid after a dip, not only can you take advantage of the jacuzzi, but you can also warm up by the fire pit — because — why not?

For a closer look at Bugatti’s otherworldy $2.2 million USD Niniette 66 super yacht, see the gallery above.

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