It’s Finally Time to Buy Some Investment Outerwear

investment coats

Okay, it’s here. The main event. Fashion lovers the world over will tell you that they love how social summer is and that’s all that really matters. They’re lying. All summer long, they’re counting down the minutes until it’s acceptable to buy investment coats. It’s likely the most you’ll spend on something this season, but it’s one item where spending a bit more really counts.

Of course, one side of the equation is the aesthetic. Many of the best investment coats are made by luxury houses using the finest fabrics and experimenting with unique techniques. We’ve got selections from AMBUSH and Sacai that exemplify this luxurious drama perfectly.

On the other hand, when you’re looking to drop some more money on your outerwear, utility is a big consideration. Is the piece waterproof? Is it durable? Selections from Moncler Genius and Arc’teryx slot naturally into this luxury-technical niche.

Whatever you look for in your investment coats, Luisaviaroma has something that fits the bill. That’s why we teamed up with the Italian retailer to round up 9 of the best investment coats for fall and winter.

Cut to a classic bomber jacket shape with a bold collar added, this Gucci Blouson is equal parts workwear and luxury.

AMBUSH gives the classic, formal trench coat a modern update. Clever tailoring and an added strap across the chest bring this timeless classic into the 21st century.

Arc’teryx’s any-weather jackets have been a favorite of outdoor communities for decades. From hikers to graffiti taggers, Arc’teryx jackets have been tested to every extreme and come out on top.

Nanushka’s Arto Jacket is cut from regenerated leather to an oversized fit. Slim lapels offer an open-collar construction which amounts to the only detailing this piece needs.

JW Anderson’s Loewe has astonishing versatility. From bold bohemian pieces through to things like this cashmere chore jacket with understated branding to the leather chest pocket, Jonathan Anderson’s expertise knows no bounds.

The shiny down jacket is nothing new, but Bottega Veneta stamps its signature on it with a ballooning oversized fit.

Chitose Abe has left an indelible, Sacai-shaped mark on modern fashion. This coat is a mind-boggling collision of worlds, as we’ve become accustomed to.

Moncler Genius is the place where the legendary label gets to push boundaries and this striking yellow number does just that.

Jacquemus’ Le Blouson Asao rounds out our selection today with a relatively easygoing price tag. In classic style, this piece takes inspiration from French workwear history, updating it with subverted cuts and beautiful fabrics.

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8 of the Best A Bathing Ape BAPE STAs to Buy Today

A Bathing Ape’s BAPE STA is an enigma in the world of streetwear. The icon is lauded not for its originality, but the absolute opposite. It embodies the irreverent streetwear mentality, cutting and pasting one of Nike’s most famous designs and, somehow, getting away with it.

Founded in 1993 by NIGO, A Bathing Ape is one of streetwear’s golden children. Birthing some of the culture’s mainstay items like the Shark Zip Hoodie, Baby Milo range, and of course the BAPE STA.

Modeled after the Nike Air Force 1 — borrowing essentially every detail from the flagship sneaker — it’s a wonder that A Bathing Ape has never been sued by The Swoosh, especially considering Nike’s itchy legal trigger finger. Rumor has it, though, that Nike took a stake in NIGO’s company instead of suing him, realizing that the designer’s lifestyle take on the athletic sneaker catered to a gap in the market.

Whatever the reason, we love the fact that the A Bathing Ape BAPE STA is still readily available. To honor one of streetwear’s shining stars, we’ve rounded up the best BAPE STA colorways that you can cop right now.

Call us biased, but we think that this two-tone BAPE STA is one of the best BAPE STA releases in years. It happens to be a Highsnobiety collaboration, too.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the sneaker tastes shift from bold, bright colorways to easygoing neutrals. This Sail pair epitomizes that style.

A combination of leather and suede forms the black upper of this pair which sits atop an off-white midsole. We’re always on board with off-white midsoles, they lend any silhouette retro credentials.

The beauty of the BAPE STA is its versatility. That versatility is emphasized in this neutral pair. Caramel leather combines with a soft cream sole unit for a smooth finish.

While the BAPE STA takes after the Air Force 1, BAPE’s SK8 STA looks more akin to the Nike Dunk.

We couldn’t do a BAPE STA roundup without a bit of camo, could we? This all-white pair features the signature detailing to the laces and Star logo.

Made in collaboration with artist Hajime Sorayama, this BAPE STA takes inspiration from Sorayama’s shining metal robots.

A brown suede upper is highlighted by red borders and a patent leather star logo for an understated yet punchy finish.

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The Highsnobiety Fall Fit Toolkit

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In Search of the Perfect Knit Sweater

It’s long been said that the arrival of fall marks the return of “real dressing.” That doesn’t mean dressing well comes easy in the colder months, though. The Highsnobiety Fall Fit Toolkit is here to help you through the transition to (literally) bigger and better clothing.

For me, the knit sweater is the ultimate fall and winter essential. It’s a cold-weather king that will never die. Need proof? Knits of this ilk have been around for decades, and they’ve pretty much always been cool during those decades.

The knit process itself actually stretches back thousands of years, with origins across Egypt and the Middle East. But it was in the 15th century and on the English Channel Islands that knit jerseys as we know them today were first produced as warming, durable garments for dressing the element-bearing sea-farers of Guernsey. The effectiveness of the knit sweater caught on, though, with textile producers across Ireland and Scotland developing this fisherman’s staple much further, adding complex patterns and Celtic knots to the design and, in turn, birthing the iconic Aran sweater.

Like all good clothing items that go global, the knit sweater was soon appropriated from its original use and applied to famous faces via the likes of Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe. Knitwear in menswear is on the rise again, popping up on Adam Driver via the big screen and being touted by the likes of A$AP Rocky and Tyler IRL of late.

Packed full of so much history and practical prowess, the knit sweater is a timeless garment that everyone’s usually got ‘their favorite’ for. With knit sweater season finally here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites around right now — from trustworthy staples to standout investment items from new collections.

If you read the bit about the origins of the knit and Aran sweaters above — and I don’t blame you if not, I know you wanted to get to the good stuff — this is as close as it gets to those OG fishing jerseys. The only difference to the 15th-century knits is that you can now cop them at Mr Porter.

J.Press’ Shaggy Dog knit sweaters are stuff of legend. The iconic option dates back to the time of former owner Irving Press, who wanted to individually hand brush the brand’s Shetland wool pullovers. Never gets old.

Knit sweaters need not always be monotone, though. Here, Acne Studios serves an option that’s dressed all-over in what is either a lunar landscape or golf course graphic. Either way, the cutest little Swedish flag lays claim to the land.

The search for the ultimate knit sweater was never going to come cheap. And when we’re talking about the finest of the fine — you can rest assured on mohair being up there at the top. This pink mohair sweater by Jil Sander exudes quality and craftsmanship, so much so that you’ll never stop wearing it. Seriously, it won’t let you.

Knit sweaters, particularly in Aran and Fair Isle form, are a proud part of Scotland and Ireland’s rich heritage when it comes to textile production. Jamieson’s of Shetland is a family-run business that’s been going since the 1800s. It knows a thing or two about crafting pieces that’ll be passed down through generations.

Loewe offers a modern luxury house take on the cable knit sweaters made popular by fishermen all those years ago. The label’s insignia is mounted on this gorgeously colored knit in classic cable form. Stunning.

Back to School season is upon us. And what better way to fit that bill than to sport a cricket-style sweater by Séfr? Chunky knits always win.

Marni’s knit game is second to none, particularly when it comes to the mode of mohair. This burnt orange sweater was born to be walked through malting fall trees.

The Row at its Rowiest, this knit sweater might seem expensive, but the lifelong-lasting quality and the fact that it will go with literally anything in your wardrobe make it more of a smart investment.

We all know Raf loves a knit sweater — and that’s just going off of his personal wardrobe alone. His collections usually comprise a few, too, and this staple, fuzzy grey one comes stamped with some signature patches.

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Sorry Drake, YEEZY Season Isn’t over Just Yet

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Brand: adidas YEEZY

Model: Slide, Quantum MNVN, 500, 450, and Desert Boot

Release Date: September

Price: $60 – $250

Buy: Online at adidas

Editor’s Notes: DONDA has (finally) dropped, and Drake‘s Certified Lover Boy is upon us, but the adidas YEEZY September preview suggests Kanye isn’t letting up just yet. 

Kanye West’s rollout of his tenth studio album, DONDA, felt like it lasted a lifetime. From listening party to listening party, push-back to push-back, and an endless supply of subs between himself and Champagne Papi, it felt like YEEZY season would never end. If you’ve somehow found yourself to be immune to Kanye fatigue, fret not; it’s not over just yet.

Back in 2015, Mr. West managed to make one of the boldest statements ever heard in the sneaker industry: “Everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys.” Most took it as a fallacy, given how difficult or was to cop a pair through primary releases. These sentiments rang true for several years until the frequency of releases rose sharply, and the YEEZY release calendar became stacked with restocks. 

September’s preview calendar puts eyes on a busy month ahead. Kicking things off is a restock of the fan-favorite adidas YEEZY slides in three of the most recently released colorways. Next up is the YEEZY Boost 700 MNVN in “Onyx” and “Honey Flux,” followed by the 500 in “Brown Clay” and the Desert Boot in “Rock” and “Oil.” From what we can see, the final release will be the “Cloud White” iteration of the 450. 

It looks like there is more than enough on offer from adidas YEEZY this September to keep you busy. That is, of course, until another round of releases and restocks in October. 

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Frank Ocean Is the Not-So-Secret of Homer’s Success

Homer, the enigmatic luxury label that Frank Ocean launched early this month, debuted with little more than a catalog. So why did Homer take over the internet for a few days? The answer is, well, not much of a surprise.

It is interesting that the low-key company maintains ongoing interest, despite an utter lack of presence on Instagram and its arduous ordering process.

I polled members of the Highsnobiety Rolodex, as well as a few Homer customers, to explore Homer’s lingering appeal.

Short answer? Frank Ocean. Long Answer? Frank Ocean’s excellent taste.

“The main appeal of [Homer] for me is the fact that it’s Frank Ocean’s brand,” said Alex, who purchased a Homer pendant. “If it didn’t have Frank Ocean’s name attached to it, I probably wouldn’t have [bought anything].”

Simple enough. And, truly, if it wasn’t for its alignment with Frank, Homer wouldn’t have a third of the following it currently enjoys.

Over on the dedicated Homer Subreddit, you can find plenty of obsessives poring over the comprehensive catalog, working out the methods for ordering Homer product, and swapping purchase stories.

“I checked out the catalog online, originally,” Wayne recalled. “I really liked the pendants, so I bought [one] and have since also bought a silk scarf. [They’re] very good quality and really nice designs.

“I think they’re keepsake pieces and really good to have. Very good quality and I look forward to more pieces in the future.”

It helps to have a piece in hand to really understand Homer’s intrigue, it seems. That’s well and good for return shoppers, but what about new converts? Turns out, they’re just happy to be along for Frank Ocean’s ride.

“[Frank] needs minimal publicity to gain attention,” said David, a Rolodex member. “There’s a method to his madness. Homer has the potential to be iconic. … If he treats Homer with the same passion he approaches his music with, then it would only be a matter of time that it will be in the same conversations as Cartier and Rolex.”

Indeed, that high-end, exclusive appeal — an intentional angle that Frank iterated in an early Homer interview — hasn’t been lost on fans.

“I think the first capsule is high quality and, because it’s co-signed by Frank, it should sell well,” Rolodex member John contended. “I agree with [others] that the designs and product ideas are not new. I think [Homer] will need time to find its way and really settle into its narrative.”

“Let’s see how far it can go,” Florent continued. “[The] market is very competitive and, to be honest, I doubt [that] just because Frank created [Homer,] it will skyrocket.”

Max concurred. “Really excited [about] what’s going to happen,” he said. “I haven’t seen that much [about] what kind of jewelry Homer is going to make, since the IG is empty and [the catalog] only gives us a sneak peek of some items and the general design idea. [I’m] really curious about generating a brand identity that takes DNA from Frank Ocean.”

It’s important that Homer reiterate its product’s quality, but its Frank connection is truly crucial. The famously press-shy musician has asserted that he’s trying to keep the Homer spotlight off himself, at least partially, despite the brand’s inseparable relationship with his name.

“It’s not anything too special just yet, but he’s a legend, so I’m excited for the future,” said Rolodex member William.

So, Frank Ocean is clearly the draw for Homer, but why?

Well, Frank’s co-sign is different than any other celebrity’s approval. Frank’s inimitable taste, feverishly documented by fans captivated by his mysterious aura, has been so difficult to tease out aside from his occasional appearances on the streets of New York, that any evident indication of his approval is received like a blessing.

I mean, he made Worldnet hoodies happen, mostly because it’s so rare to get Frank’s stamp of approval. Plus, fans know that Frank’s love is authentic: he wears Prada or Arc’teryx because he likes their products – not because he took a paycheck.

Speaking of money, though, the reveal of Homer’s lofty prices wrought some backlash from his fanbase, which skews young (at least on social media).

They’re mostly left out in the cold by fancy jewelry brands and exclusive parties — unsurprisingly, Homer’s most popular commodity to date is its free catalog, still coveted by fans nearly a month after release.

“The price point feels a little crazy to me — what percentage of Frank fans are going to be able to afford this,” asked Highsnobiety Rolodex member Alex. “I love that it’s gender-neutral but skews a bit feminine, unlike so many other unisex collections.”

“I worry that with the price point and the density of the playing field, it will be very very faddish, worn only by some celebs for a season or two, and then close its doors. I just do not see this competing with the giants. But it’s a passion project, generated some beautiful images.”

That’s basically the stance of most Frank fans. If they can afford the goods, they’re all in. If not, they at least appreciate the resulting imagery, even if there’s some trepidation about the future of Homer.

“It’ll probably inspire someone else to make a similar line that retails at [a tenth of] the cost,” Alex continued. “Whatever! Great community shout-outs in the catalog. Also: color palette goals.”

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Sorry, Celebrity Creative Directors Aren’t Going Anywhere

Kendall Jenner is the new creative director of FWRD, the luxury e-commerce site that deals in men’s and women’s fashion.

FWRD — which is owned by Revolve Group, Inc. — explained in a press release that Jenner will oversee the “look and feel” of the website, as well as curate its brand lineup and monthly edits of “must-have” products. The reality TV star-turned-model will also be in charge of “marketing ideas, brand partnerships and brand activations.”

In a gushing statement, Revolve Group’s chief brand officer, Raissa Gerona, described Jenner as “the epitome of luxury fashion,” going on to assert that “there isn’t a better fit for this position.”

Michael Mente, co-founder of Revolve continued: “Her multifaceted experience in the fashion industry and the vision she has outlined for the FWRD business has the potential to transform our business and the luxury business as a whole.”

Of course, it remains to be seen how much Jenner will actually put into the company’s development. Aside from 818 Tequila, she has virtually no business experience.

Reacting to the announcement of Jenner’s new role, netizens quickly commented what we’re all thinking.

“Imagine giving a job to people who actually work with creative fashion,” one user wrote on Vogue‘s Instagram post celebrating the influencer’s appointment.

“Doesn’t she pay a stylist to pick out her own clothes? Maybe that’s who should be director,” another voiced on FWRD’s page.

Jenner is one of many celebrities to don the creative director hat with scant experience. It’s a phenomenon that’s seen social media stars, including Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague, actor Dakota Johnson, and model Emily Ratajkowski, take the helm at PrettyLittleThing, Maude, and Loops respectively.

Just this morning, even, non-alcoholic beverage brand Kin Euphorics named Bella Hadid co-founder and partner.

I’m curious to see how Jenner’s role in FWRD manifests — if she proves critics wrong, all the more power to her.

Until then, my outlook on her new venture remains firmly in the realm of one comment, “liked” nearly 5,000 times, on Jenner’s Jacquemus campaign: “Go on girl give us nothing!”

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BEAMS BOY & Clarks Prove the Wallabee Is Fashion’s Slickest Shoe

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Brand: BEAMS BOY x Clarks

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: BEAMS’ website

Release Date: October

Price: ¥34,100 (approximately $310)

Editor’s Notes: BEAMS BOY and Clarks go hard, as they say, with their collaborative take on the Wallabee boot.

Updating the Clarks Originals classic in women’s sizing, BEAMS BOY — the brand’s sub-label “made for women who love the strength and function found in men’s fashion” — offers a sleek, timeless take on hip-hop’s favorite shoe.

First introduced in 1967, the Wallabee entered the mainstream when, in the 90s, New York rappers including the Wu Tang Clan began wearing them in music videos and on the street. (Ghostface Killah even has a single called “Wallabee Champ.”)

Since then, the moccasin shoe has been spotted on the well-heeled feet of Kanye West, Drake, Nas, and Pharrell.

The silhouette’s influence on streetwear doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Clarks has collaborated with a bevy of brands — including Aimé Leon Dore, Stüssy, and Wu Tang’s very own Wu Wear — on limited-edition iterations of the Wallabee.

Despite Clarks’ origins in the U.K. through Padmore & Barnes, its Wallabee is a quintessentially New York shoe. It’s quietly luxurious, steadfastly functional enough for everyday wear. You can wear Wallabees to the bodega without looking ridiculous and you can wear them to dinner and still appear polished.

BEAMS BOY gives the shoe extra pizzazz with a beefy Vibram sole and waterproof GORE-TEX upper, bonuses that don’t detract from the Wallabee’s timeless appeal. These are recurring features in BEAMS’ yearly Clarks collab, though BEAMS BOY’s color choice — a deep navy accented with swappable laces in royal blue and teal — keeps the entire affair equally elegant, mirroring the quiet cool of BEAMS’ other neutral-toned collaborative models.

To stay updated on everything happening in the sneaker world, check out the best sneakers to add to your rotation this week, follow @highsnobietysneakers on Instagram, and sign up to our newsletter for early access to the best drops sent straight to your inbox.

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Toss Your Supreme Homeware, Balenciaga Is Dropping Sneaker Art

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In between overseeing Kanye’s merch, creative director Demna Gvasalia has apparently been masterminding post-hypebeast home goods, as evidenced by Balenciaga‘s newest Objects drop.

Given the futuristic name, the Balenciaga Laser Cube, available on Balenciaga’s website for $650, is appreciably space-age in appearance. It’s a see-through box fitted with an optical illusion, an internal 3D image shaped by lasers (hence the name) to create the effect of a floating sneaker.

Inside, a detailed rendering of one of Balenciaga’s signature sneakers — the Triple S, Track, Tyrex, or X-Pander — appears below its stylized name and Balenciaga branding.

The shoes trapped inside each Laser Cube do bear a striking resemblance to the real deal. Considering that real Balenciaga sneakers retail for up to and over $1,000, they might just be the next best thing to displaying luxury sneakers throughout your abode, if that’s the kinda interior design you get down with. On the other hand, $650 for the fancy version of those illusion money banks is pretty extra. Plus it doesn’t even store change!

It’s all part of Balenciaga’s world-building. With immersive runway shows, ample celeb co-signs, and internet-breaking crossovers under its belt, the Gvasalia-led house has begun to tread into the rarified space of all-inclusive branding usually occupied by more street-leaning brands like Supreme.

Not more than a few years ago, it was crucial for streetwear types to deck out their spaces in logoed-up toys and bricks. As the barrier between luxury and street brands wholly disintegrated, though, so to did the desire to display mere Bogos.

Now, catch hip, youthful types delicately arranging their Aimé Leon Dore jars, JJJJOUND blankets, and NBHD candles around their Virgil Abloh furniture.

Balenciaga’s Laser Box speaks to that love of wealth-conveying logos, while its clean presentation is more mature than, say, a toy car. The brand’s boundary-breaking sneakers have enjoyed ample crossover appeal, so who says they can’t step into the realm of art?

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From GORE-TEX to Flying Squirrels, Goldwin’s FW21 Outerwear Has It All

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Brand: Goldwin

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Goldwin’s website and San Francisco flagship.

Release Date: September 9

Editor’s Notes: Goldwin, the Japanese giant that oversees domestic adventure labels like The North Face and Helly Hansen, has made no secret of its desire to push further into the American market. It’s a tough niche to dig into, given stiff competition from stalwart labels that range from Arc’teryx to the Western TNF.

Still, Goldwin knows to put its money where its mouth is, delivering some serious product to back up its lofty desires — even its basic shirts are technical wonders.

Like nanamica, the company that Goldwin aligns with for TNF Purple Label, Goldwin has really stepped up its in-house wares over the past couple years. Not that it ever didn’t make cool product, of course, but only recently did the company begin manifesting the effortless cool seen in the looks that inform its FW21 outerwear collection.

Returning items include the Arris and Astraios Jackets, skier faves that now feature layered GORE-TEX membranes for maximum insulation and weather protection.

There’s also the new Fly Air pullover, another GORE-TEX-infused layer that’s lighter than its predecessors and channels the agility of flying squirrels into an asymmetric seasonal go-to.

Its casual down and field jacket counterparts are only waist-length, making for more conventional proportions without cutting into the roomy armholes that encourage wintery layering. Not that you’ll need much on the inside, given the insulating properties at play.

That being said, there are a couple quilted numbers on hand, all filled with KODENSHI down, a proprietary insulation only seen in Goldwin and nanamica products that utilizes ceramic particles to reflect heat inward. And that’s only surface-level stuff (even though it’s all inside) — plenty of pieces boast packable capabilities, Pertex lining, and hidden magnets that keep hoods secure.

Everyone’s heard that ol’ chestnut about fashion meets function, so I’ll spare you. Key thing with Goldwin is to consider that you’re buying into reliable garments that lean more into casual Japanese styling than your typical Western company. Its a formula that’s worked well enough for Goldwin in years’ past, so it’s nice to see it developing its stylistic edge even further.

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