Stunning Short Film About a Visitor to an Uninhabited Planet Shot Entirely by a Drone in the Utah Desert

The Visitor” by Australian filmmaker and designer Pete Majarich is an absolutely stunning, atmospheric short film about a lone astronaut exploring the vast expanse of red-dusted land upon an uninhabited planet. This fantastic piece was shot entirely using the “active track” feature on a DJI Mavic Air drone, which captured from above the seemingly extra-terrestrial landscape of the southern Utah desert inside Monument Valley.

Looking Out

Walking on the Desert

The Visitor Mountains

Armed with a camera drone, I travelled to Utah to capture the alienesque landscape of the desert on film. …Like many people, I’ve always wanted to visit Mars. But, it’s so far away. Last month I did the next best thing: I traveled to the deserts of Southern Utah. The landscapes there are otherwordly. Desolate. Stark. Abandoned. Millions of miles of dry, dusty red rock. You can truly get a sense of the millions of years of wind and water it’s taken to form the terrain.

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Billowing Clouds and Rainbow-Hued Sunsets Created With Textured Embroidery Thread by Vera Shimunia

Russian embroidery artist Vera Shimunia began her landscape embroidery practice in 2015. She tells Colossal that it is the perfect medium for her because it requires less patience than cross-stitch and is more exciting, in her opinion, than painting. The Saint Petersburg-based artist is self-taught (Shimunia studied economics in college) and she shares that she imagines the needle as a brush. Her richly-hued mountainscapes, sunrises, and skies are crafted on palm-sized embroidery hoops using a variety of textured threads. Although Shimunia uses a unified color palette over a small surface area, she distinguishes different landscape elements using various stitch and knot styles, as well as thin, thick, and even three-dimensional fibers. You can see more of her embroideries on Instagram, and purchase work in her Etsy store.

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AI Can Recognize Images, But Text Has Been Tricky—Until Now

New approaches foster hope that computers can comprehend paragraphs, classify email as spam, or generate a satisfying end to a short story.
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A Wonderful Animated Vignette About Writing While Swimming by Legendary Neurologist Oliver Sacks

The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks

In an amusing vignette from the crowdfunded Dempsey Rice documentary, The Animated Mind Of Oliver Sacks (still in development as of this date), the legendary neurologist and prolific author relates an amusing story about the time he worked on his book while standing hip deep in lake while leaning against the dock in between swimming laps.

I sent the manuscript in to Summit book and Jim Silberman …wrote me back saying did I think this was the 19th century? No one has sent him a handwritten manuscript for 30 years and beside this one, he said, looked at it as if it had been dropped in the bath.

via Open Culture

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The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics and Human Illness

For decades researchers sought evidence that antibiotics fed to farm animals transferred super bacteria to humans. Now a single study has provided a much needed smoking gun.
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GRIS: Explore a Surreal Watercolor Landscape in a New Video Game by Nomada Studio

GRIS is an new video game designed by Nomada Studio that leads users through a surreal landscape filled with crimson mountains, square trees, and overgrown ruins. There is no danger or death in the detailed watercolor world, but rather the opportunity for meditative exploration with the main character as she unlocks new worlds and abilities. The video game features an original score, which perfectly matches the tone of its soft, gestural graphics, created by Nomada Studio partner Conrad Roset.

The game design mimics the way watercolor pools on paper, with splotches of color often falling outside of the lines in the main character’s face or the hills she slides down or leaps over. “In our game the scenery is very important, and sometimes takes the spotlight over the main character,” says the studio.

GRIS is the first video game by the Barcelona-based Nomada studio, and will be released this December for both Nintendo Switch and PC. You can watch a demo of the indie game in the video by IGN below. (via Creative Review)

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Brazil’s National Museum Fire Proves Cultural Memory Needs a Backup

The devastating fire at the National Museum of Brazil shows the importance of digitizing the world’s knowledge.
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The Milky Way’s Glimmering Core Captured in a Timelapse Video by Adrien Mauduit

When not working for a NASA-funded citizen-science project, Adrien Mauduit travels the world seeking out remote places to create photographs and films of the night sky. To the naked eye, the galaxies around us appear as single points of light; Mauduit’s “astro-lapse” visuals showcase the dimensionality of the universe through specialized photo and video equipment. His most recent video, Galaxies Volume III, is the third in the astro-lapse series and focuses on the core of the Milky Way.

Mauduit explains in a statement about the project that from a young age he has been interested in  the natural wonders of the environment, and by “showing the true beauty of the universe I could contribute in my own limited way to bringing the real dark skies to the hectic and light polluted urban jungle.” The resulting film includes dramatic shots of shooting stars, silhouetted mountains, and rushing clouds foregrounding the shimmering night sky. You can see more of Mauduit’s work on Vimeo and Instagram. (via Vimeo Staff Picks)


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HP Spectre x360 (2018) Review: A Portable, Versatile Laptop

HP has updated its successful Spectre x360 laptop to keep with the times. If you’re using an older machine, this model is a solid step up.
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Henry Cavill Joins Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ and the Rest of the Week in Games

Netflix’s adaptation of the popular saga will star Henry Cavill as Geralt—no word yet on that mustache, though.
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