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If you haven’t already started, completed, or been told by multiple people that you simply have to watch The Queen’s Gambit then what have you actually been doing over the past month? Not only has The Queen’s Gambit offered up some serious ‘60s looks, but it seems to be the only show people are talking about right now. And with a lockdown holiday approaching, both the producers of the show and producers of chess sets of any sort will be thanking their lucky stars that we’ll likely all be succumbing to the perfect storm of quarantine boredom and a new-found urge to play chess.

While muttering “checkmate” is a flex in itself, we’re hoping to beat our challengers on a board that we’re proud of. So, covering design from Keith Haring to a Man Ray-inspired board, these are the best chess sets around. Make sure your chosen battlefield is one you’re fond of because, if you’re like us, you might be looking at it for quite a long time over the coming month or so.

London’s varied skyline forms the pieces of this set while the Thames snakes across the middle of the board. With townhouses as the pawns and skyscrapers playing the more important roles, this set embodies the UK capital’s architecture. Queue evil laugh as you play god and move the London Eye around.

William & Son coat a reversible backgammon and chessboard with leather and a smooth, gray-tone color palette to round out a strong, Art Deco style. Flat pieces work for both games and mean that this one’s easy to pack away when not in use.

The late, legendary Keith Haring honed his style from the simplicity of street-art. One of the most recognizable hands in modern art, his figures make the perfect substitute for the classic chess set up. It might take you a little while to get used to what’s what but once you have, this is one of the best-looking boards around — so good, in fact, that even when you’re not playing it should be on display.

Who doesn’t love New York? This clean chess set from Ian Flood and Chris Prosser celebrates the spiky realness of the Big Apple’s unmistakable skyline from the Guggenheim to the Empire State Building. Perhaps not a great choice for those with small children but then again, which chess set is?

Dada icon Man Ray created this classic chess set with objects he found around his Paris studio. From simple spherical pawns to a flowing violin finial as the knight, this wooden chess set epitomizes the resourceful, highly original approach that made Man Ray such a seminal figure in 20th-century art.

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