A Mesmerizing Timelapse of a Cheerful Sunflower Blooming Over the Course of 10 Days

Neil Bromhall (previously) of the Oxford, England plant identification database Right Plants created a mesmerizing timelapse that shows the blooming of a cheerful sunflower over the course of ten days. The flower was filmed under controlled circumstances within his studio. Sunflower time lapse Filmed by Neil Bromhall. Filmed in my studio over 10 days. I

Musician Performs a Catchy Cover of Scott Joplin’s ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ on the World’s Longest Piano

Musician Hyperion Knight performed a catchy cover of the popular Scott Joplin ragtime composition “Maple Leaf Rag” on an incredibly long piano, in fact, it’s the longest piano in the world. A wonderful spontaneous recording by Hyperion Knight on the Alexander Piano. Knight performed a bit of Gershwin and other songs as well. Gershwin’s Embraceable

Origins: Striking Photos Document the Sights of Contemporary Conservation Efforts

“Ice Waterfall” by Paul Nicklen. All images courtesy of Hilton Asmus Contemporary, shared with permission Spanning the icy downpours of the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard to the intimate portraits of the people of Papua New Guinea, the profound photographs that comprise an exhibition at Hilton Asmus Contemporary in Chicago are a perceptive consideration of the issues

The Remarkable Biology of the Dragonfly That Makes Them Uniquely Effective Predators

Stephanie Sammann of Real Science (previously) takes a look at the remarkable biology of the dragonfly that makes them incredibly agile in pursuing prey and evading predators. This has to do with having direct flight muscles that allow them to fly in any direction at any time. Despite being considered relatively primitive insects, dragonflies possess

Launched in Detroit This Summer, A Black-Led Mural Festival Wants to Revitalize Neighborhoods with Public Art

Max Sansing. All images courtesy of BLKOUT Walls, shared with permission Murals have long been associated with placemaking because of their unparalleled ability to transform underutilized corridors and city stretches into spaces primed for cultural gatherings, tourism, and subsequently, economic growth. This revitalizing potential is what drives a biannual festival that launched in Detroit earlier

16 Vintage Vector Logo Designs by Roverto Castillo

Download 16 eye-catching vintage logo designs as fully editable vector graphics. Created by Roverto Castillo, the master of vintage graphic design, illustration, and typography, these 16 logo templates are fully customizable. Thanks to the use of editable vector graphics, you can change every single detail according to your personal needs. Equipped with lovely ornaments and

VOID Illustration Series by Iris D’arbre

VOID, a dreamlike illustration series created by Iris D’arbre. Iris d’arbre is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Paris, France. Her artworks seem like reflections of dreams, fears, and various states of mind. Below you can find artworks of her VOID illustration series. For those who want to see more of the

Sprawling Paper-Pulp Mobiles by Yuko Nishikawa Suspend Whimsically Colored Pods in the Air

All images © Yuko Nishikawa, shared with permission Hanging from the ceiling like candy-colored droplets, the paper-pulp mobiles by Yuko Nishikawa turn a stark gallery into a whimsical dreamscape. The Brooklyn-based artist fashions wide, sloping vessels and punctured rings from recycled packages, old diaries, sketches, and other waste materials, forming individual pods that attach to


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