elgeta conocer mujeres separadas

Photographer Jens Heidler of Another Perspective (previously) captured the remarkable process of a variety of mushrooms growing from single blocks of spores into beautifully matured caps over the course of 20 days through macro timelapse photography. Included in this harvest were Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and King Oyster mushrooms. View this post on Instagram A post

Campaign and Visual Communication by Studio Marcus Kraft for Zürcher Theater Spektakel

Take a look at the campaign and visual communication design created by Studio Marcus Kraft for Zürcher Theater Spektakel. Studio Marcus Kraft is a graphic design studio based in Zürich, Switzerland. They specialize in custom-made projects with strong visual narratives for a broad range of national and international clients. In 2021, the studio was commissioned

An Animatronic Alien Xenomorph Rocks Out on Guitar

Artist Danny Huynh created an incredible animatronic Alien Xenomorph that rocks out on a green electric guitar through timing and control settings. The robotic creature, which amazingly responds to Huynh’s hand commands, shows off some badass stage moves mimicking those of legendary human guitarists. Xenos New Groove. View this post on Instagram A post shared

A Whimsical Series of Illustrated Marine Life Surfboards

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fernand Surfboards (@fernandsurfboards) Fernand Surfboards collaborated with artist Jean Julien to create a uniquely whimsical series of four boards that feature different forms of illustrated marine life. Included in the series are a blue and an orange fish, a tan seal, and a dark blue whale.

A Short Film Dives into the 15-Year Process Behind the Documentary ‘Fantastic Fungi’

We shared footage of the mesmerizing mycelium networks pulsing underneath our feet back in 2019 to mark the opening of Louie Schwartzberg’s Fantastic Fungi, and now the dedicated director takes viewers behind the scenes to show his painstaking process. Filmed throughout a 15-year period in his home studio, Schwartzberg’s timelapses zero in on myriad spores

How to Make a Chocolate Bar From Scratch

Logan Richardson of The Flavor Lab shared his adventure of making a bar of chocolate from scratch. This included obtaining cocoa pods, cleaning the cocoa out from their protective, somewhat disgusting gelatinous covering, and then letting the beans ferment for about a week. He then roasted the beans, ground them down, added sugar and milk

Musician Performs the 50 Cent Song ‘In Da Club’ in the Highly Recognizable Style of Led Zeppelin

View this post on Instagram A post shared by good future (@goodfuturemusic) Manchester musician Nathan Shepherd of Good Future Music (previously) did his very best to channel the stellar vocals of Robert Plant and the inimitable drums of John Bonham, the rare guitar of Jimmy Page, and the remarkable bass of John Paul Jones while


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