It’s long been said that the arrival of fall marks the return of “real dressing.” That doesn’t mean dressing well comes easy in the colder months, though. The Highsnobiety Fall Fit Toolkit is here to help you through the transition to (literally) bigger and better clothing.

For me, the knit sweater is the ultimate fall and winter essential. It’s a cold-weather king that will never die. Need proof? Knits of this ilk have been around for decades, and they’ve pretty much always been cool during those decades.

The knit process itself actually stretches back thousands of years, with origins across Egypt and the Middle East. But it was in the 15th century and on the English Channel Islands that knit jerseys as we know them today were first produced as warming, durable garments for dressing the element-bearing sea-farers of Guernsey. The effectiveness of the knit sweater caught on, though, with textile producers across Ireland and Scotland developing this fisherman’s staple much further, adding complex patterns and Celtic knots to the design and, in turn, birthing the iconic Aran sweater.

Like all good clothing items that go global, the knit sweater was soon appropriated from its original use and applied to famous faces via the likes of Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe. Knitwear in menswear is on the rise again, popping up on Adam Driver via the big screen and being touted by the likes of A$AP Rocky and Tyler IRL of late.

Packed full of so much history and practical prowess, the knit sweater is a timeless garment that everyone’s usually got ‘their favorite’ for. With knit sweater season finally here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites around right now — from trustworthy staples to standout investment items from new collections.

If you read the bit about the origins of the knit and Aran sweaters above — and I don’t blame you if not, I know you wanted to get to the good stuff — this is as close as it gets to those OG fishing jerseys. The only difference to the 15th-century knits is that you can now cop them at Mr Porter.

J.Press’ Shaggy Dog knit sweaters are stuff of legend. The iconic option dates back to the time of former owner Irving Press, who wanted to individually hand brush the brand’s Shetland wool pullovers. Never gets old.

Knit sweaters need not always be monotone, though. Here, Acne Studios serves an option that’s dressed all-over in what is either a lunar landscape or golf course graphic. Either way, the cutest little Swedish flag lays claim to the land.

The search for the ultimate knit sweater was never going to come cheap. And when we’re talking about the finest of the fine — you can rest assured on mohair being up there at the top. This pink mohair sweater by Jil Sander exudes quality and craftsmanship, so much so that you’ll never stop wearing it. Seriously, it won’t let you.

Knit sweaters, particularly in Aran and Fair Isle form, are a proud part of Scotland and Ireland’s rich heritage when it comes to textile production. Jamieson’s of Shetland is a family-run business that’s been going since the 1800s. It knows a thing or two about crafting pieces that’ll be passed down through generations.

Loewe offers a modern luxury house take on the cable knit sweaters made popular by fishermen all those years ago. The label’s insignia is mounted on this gorgeously colored knit in classic cable form. Stunning.

Back to School season is upon us. And what better way to fit that bill than to sport a cricket-style sweater by Séfr? Chunky knits always win.

Marni’s knit game is second to none, particularly when it comes to the mode of mohair. This burnt orange sweater was born to be walked through malting fall trees.

The Row at its Rowiest, this knit sweater might seem expensive, but the lifelong-lasting quality and the fact that it will go with literally anything in your wardrobe make it more of a smart investment.

We all know Raf loves a knit sweater — and that’s just going off of his personal wardrobe alone. His collections usually comprise a few, too, and this staple, fuzzy grey one comes stamped with some signature patches.

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