“Resonating Life which Continues to Stand.” All images © teamLab, shared with permission

Tokyo-based international art collective teamLab (previously) returns with another interactive exhibition titled teamLab: Continuous, this time taking the experience outdoors.

Sitting among the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, “Resonating Life which Continues to Stand” is an abundance of egg-shaped structures covering the wedge of grass that makes Tamar Park. Softly radiating myriad hues into the darkness of night, the installation calls to the ebb and flow of human emotion and nature in contrast to the stiff, unmoving disposition of the buildings surrounding the work.

Extending from land to sea, each glowing ovoid responds to touch and movement. When pushed over by wind, waves, or human force, the resilient forms rise and change colors, triggering a chain reaction with neighboring sculptures and alluding to how humans and nature are affected by their environments. This is especially evident in the bobbing structures partially submerged in the sea, which are constantly shifted by the marine conditions. Together, each distinct component creates an illuminating conversation between viewers, their surroundings, and the physicality of the work itself.

teamLab: Continuous also includes “Resonating Trees” and is on view until June 2.

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